The Art Of The Possible: Design For The Unconventional - At People Matters TechHR 2023, we are creating an inclusive space to break away from outdated modes of thinking and working. Through power-packed sessions, we will explore innovative intersections of business, technology, and leadership to achieve greater impact. Our goal is to help YOU, our community, become the solution to your organization's challenges.
The People Matters TechHR agenda is structured to provide content from multiple dimensions – addressing salient business and talent challenges, cultivating an experimentative and solutions-focused mindset, fostering peer exchange, and inspiring personal commitment to create lasting impact.
2023 Tracks: A Road Map to Design for Unconventional Times
Designing and growing future-ready digital organizations that navigate through challenges with insight, foresight and genuine action
Harnessing emerging trends and technology that are engineered to make new business possibilities a reality
A showcase of technology solutions applied to enhance experience, collaboration and productivity. The application of tech to solving People & Work challenges
Accelerating leaders' pace and intensifying their impact in building organizations of the future. A remarkable shift in mindsets, skills and leadership principles to embrace what is possible in HR and beyond.

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