In Business-As-Unusual, there is no playbook to follow, there are no experts to guide, there are no tried and tested methods. This time, at People Matters TechHR, we want to encourage and empower everyone in our community, HR & Talent Leaders, WorkTech companies and fast-growing startups, to try new things, to learn along the way, and to find answers. We know we cannot have all the answers, but we know we can do a great job of asking the right questions. We cannot control the wind BUT we can work with the sails.

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Why should you partner with TechHR 2020?



Find your peer match! As a part of People Matters TechHR, you will be matched with your peer level based on your conference objectives/goals & interests to initiate meaningful conversations and also to build continuous and long-lasting networks.


5000+ HR & Talent Leaders

This is where the world of work comes together! There will be more than 5000 talent leaders, HR professionals, tech innovators, and speakers under one platform to connect with and build your business opportunities.


Face-to-face Meetings

Building networks is one but the ability to have a One-2-One is a different ball game. On the People Matters TechHR Virtual Platform, you can setup a One-2-One video meeting with anyone in your connected network.


Virtual Expo Zone

Put up the best show in your expo with your brand or product video, best practices, success stories and manage visitors' queries or product demos via your business representatives.


Product Demos

A dedicated slot for product demos during the live days - a perfect opportunity to connect with all who are interested in knowing how your products and services would innovatively solve talent challenges.


Lead Generation

Rate all your potential connections based on your conversations and store them in your dashboard as leads. Once the connection is made, contacts remain active on your dashboard and the People Matters TechHR mobile app.


Dedicated Network Analytics

Deeper analytics is a powerhouse, which doesn’t only save all your conversations and leads, but also gives you insights as to how many attendees visited your expo area, interacted with your products listed in the product marketplace, attended your sessions, and engagement time, to name a few.


Product Marketplace

If you are exploring an innovative tech solution or service for your organization that addresses not only your talent challenges, but also meets your budget, do visit the virtual Product Marketplace and browse through multiple options to choose from.


On the Go!

If you are working from home and your laptop screen is busy with your office work, don’t worry, People Matters TechHR is available on Mobile as well. You will get a dedicated conference App to build your network and conversations on the go.

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Explore a world of possibilities, opportunities, and big business. Be there, as the biggest names in HR, and business & work technology, along with gamechanging service providers, start-ups and VCs take centerstage to discuss, deliberate, share best practices and connect to create an ecosystem of brilliance. Business happens at Asia's largest HR and work tech conference. It really happens. Contact us